At Tan Shadows we will provide you with the best tan, using the best bulbs for deep, dark, beautiful bronze results! We are committed to providing you with the freshest bulbs and we replace the bulbs well before their life is used.

Our base beds are Sundash Competition  Series; burning high UVB output lamps. These VIP beds have 120 watt body lamps and high resolution facial bulbs.  A powerful bed at 3,840 watts per 20 minute session. No "regular" beds at Tan Shadows...why pay for less when you can start with more!

Our upgrade units are definately NOT the same old technology. Ours are Tan America VHR; utilizing higher wattage, high UVA output lamps. These 160-watt VHR beds are the ultimate in bronzing beds. A total wattage output of 5,120 per 15 minute session.

Our vertical stand-up unit is a Speed System, and is also a VHR unit with 160-watt bulbs all the way around. 7,680 total wattage and it's maximum exposure time is only 10 minutes; utilizing a higher wattage, higher UVA bulb. Vertical stand-up units are the only way to get rid of those tell-tale lines and white shoulders that you can get from using tanning beds exclusively.